Why Amadeo Americas

A Solution Focused Company

  • Technology: The underlying foundation of our solution is a multi-layered technology infostructure that is robust, intelligent and yet surprisingly simple.
  • Manufacturing: With a long track record in the finest custom lock fabrication and manufacturing, Amadeo Americas knows what to do, when and why.
  • Innovation: Constant innovation and forward-thinking methodology just part of what keeps us ahead of the rest.
  • Sustainability: Our clients thrive on our sustainable values from start to finish.
  • Security: All our solutions come with the highest level of encryption.
  • Scalability: Whether your company is local or global we offer a completely turn key solution.
  • Integration: Amadeo Systems can be integrated with almost any lockset, access control management or surveillance systems.
  • Ease of Use: Our products and services are designed to be use friendly on all fronts; from high-level management, and administration all the way through to the user level.
  • Fully Customizable: Each market vertical we serve requires different level of customization. Our systems and solutions are built to be tailored to specific needs.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency is an important element of our business architecture. From the beginning, you will find our System efficient and incredibly productive.
  • Rapid Delivery: We implement our solutions as rapidly as your organization would like.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free: In the rare instance that our Systems require maintenance, they let you know. Instantly. Since our service is 24/7, 365 days a year, not only are they virtually maintenance free but also worry free.
  • Future Proof: Our Systems are leading-edge, and as such, will stand the test of time as others struggle to catch up.
  • Mobile Access: Sky Access Mobile credentials allow users to enter using a smartphone.
  • Retrofittable: Can be retrofitted to most locks that are currently on site.

Here to Stay

Building and property managers, developers, owners, builders, security experts, educators and hoteliers alike are adopting Access Control Systems at an increasingly rapid pace because of the incredible benefits in increased security, added convenience, cost savings and time economy. All without increasing manpower or requiring a large capital investment.

Secure, Convenient and Affordable

Added security comes from the power to control access to your building using a dashboard from your desktop or phone to control the areas of the building that people can enter using their smartphone equipped with a digital key. Dashboards are often cloud-based which means that you can use the dashboard from anywhere, any time.

The Most Advanced

Amadeo Access Control Systems offer the finest software and locking systems available in the market today. The company’s dedication to innovation, quality and performance has produced a system that delivers flawlessly and cost efficiently. Amadeo offers both lower cost installation through its wireless and retrofittable capabilities and lower cost maintenance, with batteries that last exponentially longer than the competition. For the record, our batteries last 3 to 4 years versus the 3 to 4 months that others offer.

Amadeo’s Cloud-based system allows you to manage authorizations for guests, patients, employees, visitors and vendors locally but centrally. The system is scalable from a single door up to 100.000 doors. It can be 3DES, AES, 128-bit encrypted, and is therefore effectively protected against copying.

The Most Flexible

Amadeo offers building administrators and facility managers much more than just security at individual doors. It provides a multitude of additional possibilities to provide a fully integrated approach to the management of your building or complex of buildings. It provides options to control additional facilities such as conference rooms, gym and spa, as well as giving guests immediate access to garage parking, entrances and lifts. For the building operator, it provides interfaces to control energy wastage in unoccupied rooms, control staff access and workforce time and attendance and other management functions.

Amadeo offers technical executives the highest levels of secure encryption, easy integration with existing systems and cloud based or on-premise implementations.


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