Amadeo Integra

Cloud-based or server-based and customizable operating system

The Amadeo Cloud solution is here to manage your property 24/7, 365 days a year. We use the latest mobile device technology to provide our clients with the best possible safe and secure solution. Apple and Android have dramatically changed our way of connecting in the past years. With the new protocols, the communication between computers is now easier and safer than ever. Our system uses the latest SOAP protocols and our Cloud service offers a huge support, regardless of facility size - small, mid, large and very large facilities. From 1 to up to 100.000 doors and 50.000.000 users for daily event management. Manage Amadeo’s System from any place in the world at any time using any device.

Other Features

With its smart design of components, Amadeo Integra with embedded wireless system is connected to all doors at all times and supports your management with the following advantages: push notifications at selected events, qualifies emails, remote open/close, door status monitoring, battery status monitoring, cancelling lost keys, validation/revalidation, anti-tamper alarm signal as well as our patented Amadeo on-door check-in.

Self-Branded Optional App

Intrgra provides the ability to launch your own white labeled app that can be used on IOS or Android. Your branding is front and centre and functionality is based on your selection from a wide array of choices on your dedicated dashboard.

A Customizable & Scalable Solution

I-Locks can be used in all types of buildings from multifamily schools and offices to hotels and leisure centers. Amadeo Integra is available in different configurations to suit any type of application. Integra can be installed on your own server or it can be hosted in the Cloud. It can be configured for use on a PC or mobile devices depending on how you want to administer the system. Integra is exceptionally user-friendly and uses menus to perform all actions related to your I-Locks. The Cloud solution uses the latest mobile technology to provide the best possible safety and security solution. With high-level encryption, the system is safe from external attacks and allows you to manage your Amadeo system from anywhere in the world.

Here are two application examples

Commercial Application

  • Key Center: Easy and transparent key-overhanding of cards, bracelets or tags, quick card personalization.
  • Access Management: Dynamic and easy creation of locking plans, scheduling maintenance of your Access Control
  • Monitoring: Access real-time events such as Door Openings, even for battery-operated locks, see every event that is happening in your building and control your facility from anywhere in the world.
  • Reports: Custom protocols to any event in your property created by Integra, quick and easy filtering of any information and saving it for other users.

Hotels Application

  • Key Center: Processing enrollment and instigating Express enrollment, adding and deleting cards, issuing virtual keys to MobileKey App.
  • Access Management: Administering Access Rights and administer profiles for residents, guests and staff, managing person-specific information such as Override Privacy or Blocking.
  • Monitoring: Real-time events such as Door Opening/Door Closing and Do Not Disturb, Access Point monitoring such as Garage and Main Entrance.
  • Reports: System audits on Events, Operator, Time/Date and Source, Door events.
  • On door check-in.


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