Amadeo Systems is an innovative and dynamic company that combines experience, professionalism and creativity. Our core competence is the conception and delivery of innovative solutions in Access Control Systems.


AMADEO Integra software, provides solutions for all your access control needs - no matter what type of facility. 

Our extensive range of products can help you secure the openings and manage your access system, the way you want to.

Whether its the Main Entrance Door, Offices, Suite Entry, Parking , Elevators or complete integration with your Building Management System, Property Management System, or Video Management system, Amadeo Integra has the solution for you.

Making it perfect for Multi Family Developments, College and University, Healthcare, Medical, Commercial, Hotel or – your facility.


AMADEO’s wide range of products lets you decide how you wish to configure your system Hardwired Online, stand alone Offline (with full audit trail) or a mix of both, the decision is yours. 

When the cost of wiring is impractical or, simply not possible, secure the opening with our cost-effective, Wireless products, allowing you near real time performance. 

All Amadeo locks are powered by a battery pack that lasts for 3 years. (± 1 year depending on use)

The Power of Mobile Technology

Administer your system via a secure web service - anytime, anywhere Users can be given a wide range of credentials – cards, fobs, wristbands or virtual keys on their Smartphone, Smartwatch, or other mobile device. 

Mobile Credentials allows the use of a single credential for access to multiple facilities or multiple access points!

A simple “tap” allows you to gain or allow access via the closest door.

The Ultimate Access Control

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